Programme 1: anti-cellulite


Cellulitis is a pathology characterized by the appearance of nodules in the conjunctive tissue of the skin, causing a specific roughness known as orange peel skin. This roughness is associated with the retention of liquids.

Although cellulitis has a multifactor cause, it is a basically hormonal aesthetic disorder. The programmes have been designed to solve both diffuse cellulitis (in which oedema and circulatory alterations are detected) in the early stages (programme 1) and localized cellulitis in stages 3 and 4, characterized by the presence of nodules which can be painful (programme 2).

Programme 1 attacks the problem on three fronts:

– By mobilizing and eliminating body fat deposits.
– By preventing the future build-up of fat in the adipocytes.
– By regenerating skin cells.

10 session programme pack

– 10 units Mesogel Anticellulite
– 10 units Organic Silicon Ampoules
– 10 units L-Carnitine Ampoules



This is the perfect vehicle for ensuring that the electrical impulses supplied by the tmt system appliance reach the skin and make adequate contact with the same, with no distortion or loss of effectiveness. It acts as a carrier or transporter of three cosmetic ingredients effective for the treatment of diffuse cellulitis:

1. Caffeine: mobilization of lipids by means of the enzymatic degradation of triglycerides
2. Cynara scolymus or artichoke leaf extract: lipid metabolism, diuretic action
3. Phosphatidylcholine: elimination of localized fat deposits


– Increase in fibroblast activity (synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres).
– Regeneration of epidermal and dermal cells.
– Restructuring of conjunctive tissue.


– Deceleration of glycolysis / deceleration of triglyceride synthesis

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