Programme 5: antiaging


Physiological and/or actinic type skin aging is a complex process characterized by the gradual loss of functional capacity and increased vulnerability to diseases and environmental factors.

It is identified by dry, scaly, wrinkled skin and the appearance of anomalous pigmentation. There is a loss of elasticity, skin tone and increased epidermal mobility.

10 session programme pack

– 10 units Mesogel Antiaging
– 10 units Mesolift Ampoules



This is the perfect vehicle for carrying the electric impulses supplied by the tmt system appliance to the skin and ensuring adequate contact of the same, with no distortion or loss of effectiveness. It acts as a carrier or transporter of three cosmetic ingredients, effective for the treatment of skin aging:

1. Acetylhexapeptide-3: reduced wrinkle depth (forehead, eye contour). Increased smoothness and compactness of the skin. Micro-wrinkle treatment. Similar effect to botulinum toxin.
2. Tensor: water soluble wheat gluten hydrolysate with fine wrinkle filling effect. Moisturizing. Immediate tensor effect.
3. Ascorbic acid: Antioxidant, free radical neutralizer.
4. Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing, healing, firming and regenerating action.


Contains the following active ingredients:

– Organic silicon: takes part in the regulation of metabolism and cell división. Prevents the destructuring of connective tissue.
– L-Carnitine: shuttle which transports fatty acids to the centres where their oxidation is verified, diverting them to new triglyceride production.
– Glycosaminoglycans: provide biochemical links for the maintenance of dermal structure. Film-forming and moisturizing capacity.
– Thioctic acid: intensive antioxidant. Regenerates and protects other antioxidants such glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.

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