Programme 8: couperosis


Sensitive skin is characterized by being fragile, with a tendency to redden and suffer irritation, and as a result it develops greater reactivity.

People with sensitive skin are more likely to develop couperosis: a disorder of the arterial and venous capillaries situated in the subpapillary arterial plexus of the dermis. The weakness of the vascular wall and damage to connective tissue and elastic fibres can cause persistent vasodilation, with the appearance of red blemishes.

10 session programme pack

– 10 units Mesogel Couperend
– 10 units Couperend Ampoules
– 1 unit Couperend Maintenance Cream


The Couperend programme acts on three levels as a result of the combination of its active principles:
– Calming and smoothing the skin, thanks to the beta-glucans and calendula and mimosa extracts.
– Reducing capillary permeability with extracts of plants rich in saponins and tannins, such as ruscus, horse chestnut, the rutosides and hesperidin.
– Protecting the extracellular dermal matrix by means of biotin or vitamin B7, polysaccharides and glycosaminoglycans, which reduce the erythematous response.

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