Programme 9: tricology


Is hair loss caused by a range of different factors such as illnesses, functional disorders or genetic disposition. Hair loss affects people of any age or sex. There are different causes for hair problems – autoimmune illnesses, stress, food disorders, sedentary lifestyle, intake of certain medications, hormonal changes, environmental factors and genetic factors.

Tricology Program is a new cosmetic method designed by mesoestetic® to treat male and female androgenetic alopecia. The combination of tmt systemTM technology with the application of mesogel tricology + tricology ampoule increases the effectiveness of active ingredients, and reduces and stops hair loss while nourishing and revitalising the hair that already exists.

Tricology program is made up of 2 cosmetic products:

Mesogel Tricology
It facilitates the conduction of electric impulses applied by the tmt systemTM with cosmetic actives, and their distribution over the skin.

Tricology Ampoules
An intensive treatment ampoule, formulated with regenerating active principles, protectors, moisturisers, anti-seborrhoea and anti-dandruff, which treat androgenetic alopecia effectively.

It should be mixed before use by diluting the contents of an ampoule into the mesogel tricology pack.

Tricology Program is made up of products formulated with a series of active substances that treat androgenetic alopecia integrally:

• They strengthen and stimulate hair follicles and stop progressive atrophy, thus preventing hair thinning.
• They moisturise, protect and regenerate the scalp.
• They stimulate blood supply and favour the arrival of nutrients to the hair follicles.
• They have an anti-seborrhoeic and anti-dandruff effect.

Care at home

Tricology Hair Growth Intensive Lotion is a hair lotion made up of a combination of active substances that stimulate hair follicles, moisturise hair, regenerate the scalp and favour blood supply, thus facilitating the supply of nutrients to the follicles. It stimulates and strengthens hair follicles and regenerates the scalp.

Tricology Shampoo: regenerating anti-hair loss shampoo with pH that is compatible with the scalp, cleans softly and does not irritate. It has been formulated to treat, slow down and reduce male and female androgenetic alopecia. Its use is recommend as a complement to the mesoestetic® tmt Tricology treatment, and also as a regular treatment to prevent hair loss.

* Ansvarsfraskrivelse. Vi garanterer ikke for fuld eller delvis effekt af vores produkter og behandlinger. Dog er effektiviteten af både behandlinger og produkter blevet dokumenteret af talrige undersøgelser og klinisk praksis. Effekten af både produkter og behandlinger kan variere, afhængigt af patientens tilstand, patientens eget engagement, og forskellige individuelle faktorer. Vi udformer derfor individuelle behandlingsprogrammer med henblik på hver enkelt patients tilfredshed, og for at opnå de bedst mulige resultater for patienten ved både produktkøb og behandlingsforløb.