Body Drainer

Body lymph drainage program The lymphatic system is the system which ensures the maintenance of the balance of the liquids of the body, whilst simultaneously protecting the immune system. If it doesn’t work properly, the liquid accumulates in the tissues, causing the appearance of alterations to the circulation and edemas.

Different factors like stress, lack of physical activity, poor diet, the ingestion of certain medications, genetic factors…may clog up the lymphatic flow, producing the accumulation of toxins and speeding up aging.

Body Drainer Program exercises a pleasant vibratory effect on muscles, producing the pumping thereof which generates a rhythmic contraction of the lymphatic vessels.
The improvement in the drainage function improves the elimination of retained liquids and toxins, normalizing correct circulation, avoiding the formation of edemas and promoting cell nutrition.

The Body Drainer Active Gel ensures the correct transmission of impulses. It has been formulated with active ingredients which act on the capillaries, improving their fragility, permeability and resistance. Endowed with venotonic and protective, anti free -radical, anti-inflammatory and antiedematose properties.

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