Lipo Drainer

Cellulite & localised fat program

Cellulite is an alteration to the circulatory system and to the lymphatic system which results in the formation of nodules, endowing the skin with a padded appearance. It is a modification to the connective tissue of a complex nature.

The main cause of the appearance of cellulite can be put down to alterations to the circulatory system. The loss of the elasticity of the subcutaneous connective tissue occurs as well as an increase in the size of the adipocytes owing to the accumulation of fat, followed by an increase in the viscosity of the extracellular matrix which brings about greater retention of liquids, toxins and fats.

The muscle layer located under the cellulite usually has hypotonia and its contraction must be brought about to eliminate the flaccidity associated therewith. In addition, the muscular contraction will stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation.

LIpodrainer program acts at different levels, providing an all-in solution to the problem of cellulite, localised fat and flaccidity.

It brings about a retained liquids drainage effect and stimulates the local metabolism, promoting the disappearance of the fat accumulations present and the cellulite. Furthermore, the bioelectric impulses produce muscle stimulation with a toning, firming effect.

Formulated from lipolytic, draining and firming active ingredients, Lipo Drainer Gel stimulates the metabolism of fats, reducing the volume, promoting circulation and the elimination of retained liquids and toxins, diminishing the level of cellulite and improving skin elasticity, reducing flaccidity.

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