Body D-Contract

Muscle relaxant program
Muscle contractures consist of the persistent contraction of a muscle in involuntary fashion. It usually occurs when the muscle is required to do work in excess of that which it can carry out.

Furthermore, some muscle imbalances (spine anomalies) may encourage certain muscle groups to constantly work more than is necessary, making them predisposed to contractures.

Stress, anxiety, static positions for long periods, sudden movements… are also causes of the appearance of contractures.

Muscle contracture directly activates the nerves of the muscle pain, producing painful episodes which last for some time.

The Body D-contract program produces a vibration in the contractured muscles which induces their relaxation, normalizing the alterations which occur in terms of the mecanoreceivers and draining the stasis of liquids produced as a neurovegetative response to the contracture.

In this way the formation of macrophages and fibrin is guarded against and, consequently, the appearance of fibrosis which would give rise to a compression of the area with the appearance of pain and the chronification of the problem.

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