Facial Drainer

Facial limph drainage progam

The Facial Drainer program produces rapid contractions which induce the relaxation and normalisation of facial muscle tone whilst carrying out the drainage of the liquids which appear in inflammatory processes of varying natures.

Owing to the accumulation of liquids, the inflamed tissues tend to “swell up”. This blockage slows down the removal of toxic substances and delays repair processes.

The currents set in motion a draining process which promotes the oxygenation of the tissues, the provision of nutrients and the elimination of catabolytes in the treated area. The elasticity of the skin recovers thanks to the stimulation of fibre activity, increasing the degree of hydration and permeability at cutaneous level.

The treatment increases blood and lymphatic circulation and ATP synthesis, re-establishing the natural cell process. In addition, the basal layer of the epidermis is stimulated and hence the renewal of the cutaneous surface, making it smooth and soft.

Facial lymph drainage is very effective as a coadjuvant for treatments of acne, rosacea and sensitive skin and as a complementary skin revitalisation treatment, lending luminosity to the skin and helping to eliminate retained liquids and inflammations. Furthermore, it helps to reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes and facial edemas which make skin look tired and lifeless.

Following treatment with Facial Drainer, the stressed appearance of the skin disappears, leaving your face looking fresh and renewed.

Facial Drainer Gel has been formulated from elastifying, draining and restructuring active ingredients which increase circulation and promote the drainage of retained liquids by strengthening the capillaries, also reducing facial flaccidity and preventing the appearance of wrinkles, lending the skin greater luminosity.

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