Photodepilation 610 nm

SmartPLTM allows the permanent elimination of hair in 4 sessions.

Achieves amazing results, permanently eliminating up to 90% of hair in all kinds of facial (upper lip, beard, space between eyebrows…) and bodily areas (armpits, groins, back, legs…), in wholly convenient and pleasant fashion.


With depilation treatments, the skin melanin absorbs the light bringing about a photothermal effect which inhibits the growth in hair in permanent fashion. The temperature of the follicle increases up to 70º C, bringing about the destruction of the hair and of the germ cells of the pilous follicle which will prevent future regrowth.

The high energy density with which the equipment works of over 45 J/cm2 ensures the effectiveness and reduces the number of sessions required to eliminate the hair.

Advantages of the series of microimpulses:
– Maximum versatility, adaptation to the specific needs and characteristics of each client.
– Reduction in burns and side effects.
– Elimination of scars and wounds.
– Painless treatments, it is not necessary to apply any kind of anaesthetic cream.

* Ansvarsfraskrivelse. Vi garanterer ikke for fuld eller delvis effekt af vores produkter og behandlinger. Dog er effektiviteten af både behandlinger og produkter blevet dokumenteret af talrige undersøgelser og klinisk praksis. Effekten af både produkter og behandlinger kan variere, afhængigt af patientens tilstand, patientens eget engagement, og forskellige individuelle faktorer. Vi udformer derfor individuelle behandlingsprogrammer med henblik på hver enkelt patients tilfredshed, og for at opnå de bedst mulige resultater for patienten ved både produktkøb og behandlingsforløb.